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  • The Philosopher's Way of Life (see McGinnis and Reisman, Classical Arabic Philosophy, Hackett: 2007)

on the limits of permissible action:

the upper limit (42): "we should not seek out a pleasure the attainment of which requires the perpetuation of something that prevents our liberation in the eternal world or the soul or that imposes on us in this world a harm greater and more intense in quantity and quality than the pleasure we chose" (39).

the lower limit (42): "Since neither reason nor justice grants people the right to harm others, it follows that neither should they harm themselves" (41).

"Whatever falls between these two limits is permissible and does not divest one who does such of the title philosopher; rather, it is fitting that he be called by it, though superiority lies in preferring the lower and not the higher limit . . ." (43).