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Classic Study by Americo Paredes

Critical Appreciation by Jose Limon;brand=ucpress

Clip from 1982 Film

Comical competence in Spanish by "The Translator" leads to fatal misunderstanding. Gregorio explains he did not buy a stallion, he bought a mare. Gregorio says to "The Sheriff" you can't arrest a man for nothing.

TCM synopsis:

Screenplay by:


by Los Hermanos

see "Variant X" verses 1-6 (Paredes p. 154)

by Ramon Ayala

by Los Trovadores Regionales?

see "Variant A" complete (Paredes pp. 158-161)

sounds like a 45 rpm with 10 verses per side

indeed, Paredes collected "Variant A" from "both sides" of a record (by "Los Trovadores Regionales" on Vocalion number SA 283 8351) lent to him by Gregorio's son, Mr. Valeriano Cortez, "who tells me the he has owned the record since 1920" (Paredes 177).