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Guide for the Perplexed
Chapter 52: Why the names of God cannot be predicated in the usual ways
Chapter 53
  • "The attributes found in Holy Scripture are either qualifications of His actions, without any reference to His essence, or indicate absolute perfection, but do not imply that the essence of God is a compound of various elements."

Eight Chapters on Ethics (Shimonah Perakim or the Perakim)

see Ch. 2: where "wealth" is defined according to the Rabbis as contentment with one's lot
see Ch. 4: On Cures of the Diseases of the Soul
"In commenting on the tractate Abot (from the Fourth Division of the Mishnah) . . . he prefixed an introduction of eight chapters . . . a system of ethics based mainly on Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics, which Maimonides harmonized with rabbinical teachings"
Sample text from ABOT: 1:12 V B. Hillel says, (1) "Be a disciple of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace, loving people and drawing them near to the Torah" (Neusner 1988: 674)
Pirkei Avot: Ethics of the Fathers @
"For students versed both in the Talmud and in philosophy, Maimonides wrote his Moreh Nebukim, the object of which was to bring into harmony Talmudical Judaism and peripatetic philosophy as developed among the Arabs"
And lest we forget, Maimonides wrote in Arabic!

Mishneh Torah