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de Beauvoir[edit]

The Second Sex (1949, En. 1953)


Women's International Democratic Federation

The Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) was founded in December 1945 with the aim of preventing the recurrence of war and the resurgence of fascism for the sake of well being of the women and children; since the International Year of Women in 1975 main objectives are gender equality and empowering women; other demands are the elimination of nuclear weapons and reduction of military spending (Intl. Inst. of Soc. Hist.)

Congress of American Women (Congressional Investigation)

Gerda Lerner

Women Beats[edit]

Joyce Johnson,,2189488,00.html

President's Commission on the Status of Women[edit]

Executive Order 10980 (1961)

Helen Gurley Brown[edit]

Sex and the Single Girl (1962)

Doris Lessing[edit]

The Golden Notebook

Betty Friedan[edit]

The Feminist Mystique (1963)

Civil Rights Act 1964[edit]

Title VII

keyword: sex

for a discussion of how "sex" got amended into the act see "Women's Rights" at:

NOW (1966)[edit]

National Organization for Women "founded after EEOC's failure to enforce Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964 -- and Betty Friedan becomes its first president" (Green, Seeking Justice: 419)

Executive Order 11375: Federal Employment and Contracts[edit]

keyword: sex


Chicago Women's Liberation Union[edit]

Equal Rights Amendment (ERA[edit]