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Cultural Background[edit]



Speech of Aristophanes Animated

Origin of Love Aristophanes put to verse and music "from the movie Hedwig & The Angry Inch"

Serenade after Plato's Symposium by Leonard Bernstein (Part 1 Pausanias / Phaedrus)

Part 2 Aristophanes (mislabeled? if it's part 2, it's Erixymachus)
Part 3 Erixymachus (mislabeled? if it's part 3, it's Aristophanes)
Part 4 Agathon
Part 5 Socrates

The Symposium and a Slice Plato in the grrrrl's room

Diotima - The Philosopher of Love with an intro by The Doors


Note: to get to "Plato's answer" please search for the following question in the Symposium: "What then is Love?"