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Online Books by Tabataba'i

Light Within Me at

The Qur'an in Islam at

from Part III The Revelation of the Qur'an:Man 's Innate Nature In the beginning of this book we explained that each created entity, whether mineral, plant or animal, is endowed with an inherent force which enables it to develop in accordance with its own innate design and nature.

A Shi'ite Anthology at

includes Ali's Instruction to Malik al-Ashtar with 67 footnotes for example:
"Let the dearest of your affairs be those which are middlemost in rightfulness (11), most inclusive in justice and most comprehensive in (establishing) the content of the subjects." (11. Awsatuha fi-l-haqq, reference to the "golden mean". Here some of the commentators mention Aristotle and refer to such hadiths of the Prophet as "The best of affairs is their middlemost." See for example T. al-Fakiki, al-Ra'i wa-l-ra'iyyah, vol. 2, Najaf, I940, pp. I08-II.)
"Verily the foremost delight of the eye for rulers is the establishment of justice in the land and the appearance of love for them among the subjects. (29) But surely the subjects' love will not appear without the well-being of their breasts, and their sincerity (toward rulers) will not become free from blemishes unless they watch over their rulers, find their governments of little burden and cease to hope that their period (of rule) will soon come to an end. (29. According to Ibn-l-Hadid, the context indicates that the word "subjects" refers in particular to the army. Al-Hashimi disagrees and states that 'Ali does in fact mean all the subjects. He mentions them in the section on soldiers because the soldiers have to keep order m the land among the subjects (vol. 20, p. 222-2).)